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Ou bien ... ou bien ...

- un apprentissage de grammaire interactif

Ou bien is an online interactive grammar system aimed at students at all levels, from near beginners and up.


The core of the exercises is the choices we make whenever we use the French language. Is it make or do, she or her, to or for?


As experienced language teachers, we have discovered that this is an effective path to a broader knowledge and understanding og French pronunciation, spelling, grammar and semantics.


The practical exercises are followed by some bonus questions where you can challenge yourself and use the language – and your imagination – more freely.

The exercises are made so you can check how many correct answers you have, and you can correct your answers until you have them all right, in which case you will be rewarded a star. If you have purchased a license as part of a group your teacher can see your answers and correct your written exercises, as well.

ISBN 978-87-93819-05-4

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